Generation Z social network Yubo will be able to verify the age of its users

The French app has partnered with start-up Yoti to verify the age of all of its users by the end of the year. A step forward which should make it possible to better protect young people against certain risks.

While Instagram is testing the video selfie to verify the age of its usersanother social network will implement a similar system: Yubo. If it is not as well known as the major platforms, this French application intended for friendly meetings is particularly popular with young people. Launched in 2015, it claims more than 60 million users.

Having introduced an age verification system in May for 13- and 14-year-olds, it plans to roll it out to all of its users by the end of the year. Like Instagram, the social network has partnered with British start-up Yoti, which has developed facial age estimation technology. Concretely, new Yubo users and those who have not yet been verified will be invited to take a real-time photo of their face on the application. Their age is then estimated by Yoti’s technology, with an accuracy of 98.9% according to the start-up. However, if a discrepancy between the age indicated by the user and this estimate is detected, the user will have to go through additional identification steps to use Yubo.

A system to protect young users

For the French application, this system is a means of preventing young people under the age of 13 from being present on its platform, the age required to register on several social networks. It will also further mitigate the risks of child exploitation and other similar acts by preventing people who, with bad intentions, can fake their age from joining the platform. “By continually applying new security measures, such as mandatory age verification, to our platform, we are taking a clear position that we are ready to drive away a portion of users in order to prioritize making Yubo as safe as possible. as possible “said CEO Sacha Lazimi.

The social network also indicates that Yoti’s technology will make it possible to limit interactions between adolescents and adults, by separating users into different communities according to their age. Having already carried out this verification for all users with an iPhone, Yubo indicates that the system will be fully deployed for those on Android, or around 10% of its base, in the coming weeks.

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