Ghost Watchers Gets New Ghosts

Ghost Watchers Gets New Ghosts

An update released yesterday for Ghost Watchersa Phasmophobia-like, adds new ghosts, a new map, and new tools to detect the presence of a spirit to the game.

The old maps, namely the school, the police station and the house, have been reworked, and the church is now added to these. A perfect place to meet one of the new entities, the nun. Or maybe you’ll come across the Dream Eater.

Capture the ghost before the next mass!

To allow the search for these new ghosts, new tools are available such as the ectoplasm detector or the ectoplasm collector. You will also now need new evidence to discover which spirit you are facing, and the latter will no longer appear in its true form during its appearances until you have discovered specifically what entity it is. acts. And new tasks will have to be completed before any captures can be made.

Finally, the sounds of the game have been reworked and this update fixes several bugs, the complete list of which you will find in this patch notes.
Note that, normally, Ghost Watchers should be released from early access very soon, and the game has a 20% discount on Steam.