Goat Simulator 3 is getting ready to celebrate the end of the year holidays

While waiting to know what to tell you about the game (because honestly, it’s really crazy), PLAION shares its best wishes for this end of the year by offering their very first update for Goat Simulator 3named “The Mandatory Holiday Update”.

Released last month on Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation, and PC (exclusively on Epic), players can now strut the streets of San Angora with nine new items created to share and celebrate the Christmas spirit.

For those who want to spoil the surprise, here’s what to expect in Goat Simulator 3 from today :

  • A Santa Claus hat: This will give you the ability to make snow fall, only around you.
  • A Santa’s Elf Hat: Give the goats the power to throw snowballs! Build a snowman by throwing several snowballs on the ground.
  • An elf tunic and elf shoes: Complete the look of Santa’s helpers.
  • A hood and a sled: Toss wrapping paper to wrap nearby items and NPCs.
  • A string light gun: Decorate around you by placing Christmas lights (almost) everywhere!
  • A wreath of candles: Celebrate the end-of-year celebrations in Sweden!
  • A Christmas sweater: Because even goats need ugly Christmas sweaters.
  • Horns Menorah: Happy Hanukkah!