Good or bad idea ?

Good or bad idea ?

At bedtime, just after reading the latest information via social networks, we plug in our Smartphone and turn off the light. Objective ? Take advantage of the night to let it charge and enjoy a 100% battery the next day. Yes, but what do we risk on a daily basis? Are we really saving energy? Point.

Charging your phone while you sleep: good or bad idea?

Did you know ? let her cell phone charge overnight could significantly reduce its lifespan. Indeed, according to Dominik Schulte, in Business Insider, “if you charge your laptop to 100% and keep it at 100%, leaving it load overnight, it will have a negative effect on his aging”. This means that a recharge all night lead the aging premature of the battery what makes it less effectiveand therefore obsolete.

Charging your phone thinking your sleep: overconsumption of energy

Not to mention that charging your phone while you sleep leads to overconsumption of energy. Indeed, if you sleep more than 8 hours per night, your Smartphone will remain charged for 8 hours. However, it has been proven that a phone can be charged for less time. So think about energy savings what you will do if you charge your smartphone in the middle of the day!

When is the best time to charge your phone?

the best time to charge your phone is in broad daylight, so you can monitor your battery level. Plug it in when it displays its 30% battery in order to to reach 80%. This charging technique makes it possible to maintain battery performance.