Gotham Knights: the studio thanks the players and talks about future updates |  XboxOne

Gotham Knights: the studio thanks the players and talks about future updates | XboxOne

Released on October 21, Gotham Knights had a complicated launch. The game from Warner Bros. Montreal is suffering from a number of issues, especially performance issues, and seems to be disappointing the fans on two counts. Aware of the concerns present in the game, the studio has today addressed the community.

Updates are coming

It was first by thanking the fans for their support that WB spoke. The studio explained that it was amazing to see the game in the hands of players, before discussing the content of the upcoming patches.

While a first update is already available on PC, console players can also expect a corrective patch this week. In his message published on
the studio explains:

For our console players, the next patch is scheduled for the end of the week, with more specific information to come. As on PC, this patch will bring a set of necessary corrections to the problems that have appeared since the launch.

Framerate issues in particular are blamed for the game, and Warner Bros says the teams are already working on a bigger update to improve the experience:

We are aware that PC and console players have experienced performance issues.

The team is hard at work on a bigger patch to improve overall performance and give you the best possible experience. For console users, we are working to address framerate stability issues.

As we have seen lately, despite Gotham Knights being an Xbox Series X|S and PS5 exclusive, the game is stuck at 30 FPS and suffers from framerate drops. It is therefore important for the teams to offer a stable game to the players as soon as possible.

Gotham Knights is available now on Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5 and PC and you can find our complete test of the game at this address.