Grandville. Faced with energy costs, the swimming pool closes

“It is with regret that we find ourselves forced to temporarily close your equipment as of this Sunday, September 4, 2022, due to the energy crisis. » It is in a press release that the management of the seahorse swimming pool announced the closure until further notice of the aquatic center of Granville.

Soaring energy prices

Vert Marine, which manages the equipment, highlights the energy cost crisis. “The increases in the cost of energy that we are all experiencing no longer allow us today to manage equipment in an economically balanced and socially sustainable way and thus to carry out our public service missions. If this increase were impacted on the price of entry into the establishments, the latter would be multiplied by three. »

“Responding to this urgent crisis”

Vert Marine calls for political aid. “We call on local and government authorities to take the necessary and unprecedented decisions to return to bearable costs to respond to this urgent crisis. As soon as solutions make it possible to find rational operating costs, your equipment will reopen without delay and measures will be taken to limit the consequences of our action on your sports-leisure experiences. »

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