Great New Music High-End Innovation Gifts

Great New Music High-End Innovation Gifts

The Beatles Yellow Submarine record player being a limited series sold out by the manufacturer, the copy we are offering you is already a collector’s item.

We all live in a yellow submarine!

In April 1968, the unique and very special Beatles film “Yellow Submarine” was released in cinemas. It was one of the most famous tracks in their history. Now, fifty years later, Apple Corps Ltd and Universal Music Group reintroduce this film, restored in 4k digital resolution. To provide Beatles fans of all ages with the pleasure of watching this one-of-a-kind experience.

As big fans of the work of The Beatles, the ProJect Audio brand is proud to present this collaboration, the fifth installment in our series of The Beatles turntables. The Yellow Submarine turntable is the most characteristic of these five models. With its unique shape, it is sure to catch many eyes and be loved by Beatles fans. By adding a glass top to the turntable, we’ve ensured that this masterpiece is uncovered and can be enjoyed in all its glory.

The cell originally supplied with the turntable comes again from our long-standing collaboration with our partner Ortofon. Specially created for this collector’s edition, the yellow Concorde cell bears the name of Sonar. The S-shaped aluminum arm gives great harmonic qualities to the sound reproduction. Special decoupling feet help ensure that the turntable rests securely on its support without vibrations.

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