great price on an alternative to Dyson vacuum cleaners

great price on an alternative to Dyson vacuum cleaners

The sales are a great time to save money on household appliances. At the moment, Cdiscount is displaying a discount of 30 euros on the Proscenic P11 broom vacuum cleaner.

During the winter sales, a large number of products are displayed on promotion. Among the most interesting products to buy are vacuum cleaners. Indeed, this appliance is essential in a home! While the models and brands are numerous, Cdiscount has an interesting offer on the 4in1 cordless stick vacuum cleaner, the Proscenic P11.

Displayed at 169.99 euros, this broom vacuum cleaner is offered at 139.99 euros for the winter sales. An interesting offer, which allows you to buy an alternative to Dyson brand stick vacuum cleaners.

This 4-in-1 broom vacuum cleaner is on sale!

The Proscenic P11 stick vacuum cleaner allows you to clean your floors thanks to its suction function, but also to wash them. It is sold with three brushes: a motorized brush with LED lighting, a fine brush and a round brush. The Proscenic P11 features a powerful 460 W motor, capable of generating a maximum suction power of 30000 Pa. The four-stage filters present in the Proscenic P11 block fine dust without losing power and provide efficient filtration. garbage. The Proscenic P11 stick vacuum offers three suction modes: Auto (to detect carpets automatically), Eco (autonomy reaches up to 55 minutes), MAX (for deep cleaning with maximum suction power) . This broom vacuum cleaner is equipped with a magnetic water tank allowing you to vacuum and wash in a single pass. This saves you time on your cleaning sessions. The Proscenic P11 broom vacuum cleaner is displayed at a low price, less than 140 euros on Cdiscount.

Discover the Proscenic P11

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