Halo Infinite: exclusive skins to collect for free this weekend | Xbox One

As regularly for many months, the teams of 343 Industries are likely to satisfy lovers of pretty skins fromHalo Infinite. Indeed, the HCS Orlando Major will catch our attention this weekend with new exclusive rewards to collect.

Awards for the HCS Orlando Major

After the ANZ Regional Finals, it’s now up to the HCS Orlando Major to be the talk of the town. On this occasion, 343 Industries is giving away various rewards to win for the Halo community by watching the lives that will cover the event from September 23 to 25.

The event will be streamed live on YouTube and Twitch. If you follow the live on the Twitch Halo channel, you will receive Diamond Weapon Charm, Gladiator’s Edge Sidekick and Gladiator’s Edge Commando. Other elements will also be won by following the lives of co-steamers, in particular the Ordinance Disposal and the HCS Launch Coating.

How to receive the skins?

In order to receive your exclusive skins, it is necessary to link your Twitch account to your Halo Waypoint account:

  1. Link your Twitch account on Halo Waypoint.
  2. Watch at least 2 hours of live between Friday and Sunday to win the Diamond Weapon Charm.
  3. Watch at least 2 hours of live between Saturday and Sunday to win the Gladiator’s Edge Sidekick.
  4. Watch at least 1 hour of live Grand Finals to win Gladiator’s Edge Commando.
  5. Watch at least 2 hours of live from a co-streamer to win the Ordinance Disposal.
  6. Watch at least 4 hours of live from a co-streamer to earn the HCS Launch Coating.

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