Halo Infinite presents more details about its new maps and its new mode | Xbox One

A few days after sharing all the details of the winter update ofHalo Infinite343 Industries returns to the front of the stage to present the two new maps in more detail, as well as the new game mode.

A new preview of the two new maps

We first discover “Argyle”, an arena that aims to be a prototype of aerospace architecture. Thus, the clashes will take place in narrow corridors, or in a wider area with a floating platform in its center. Accessing it will allow you to obtain equipment to take over your opponents.

For its part, “Detachment” is a research center of the USNC which thus offers a much more open and verdant structure. In addition to thrusters, you can find the very first teleporter in Halo Infinite multiplayer.

If the two cards may seem less pretty than the others, it’s because they were entirely made from the Forge. They are intended to show the possibilities offered by the very impressive tool which will also be available when the Winter Update is released.

Halo Infinite’s first asymmetrical mode

In addition to new maps, a new game mode will be added to the multiplayer playlists. Billed as Halo Infinite’s first-ever asymmetrical mode, “Covert One-Flag” sees an offensive team capture the flag that opposing Spartans are defending.

The attackers have an infinity of active camouflages to try to arrive discreetly until the objective, while the defenders try to locate them using sensors to then prevent them from harming.

All of this will be available when the Winter Update launches.Halo Infinite on November 8 on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

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