Halo Infinite unveils the basics of its Forge

After numerous postponements, including the last last week, 343 Industries finally reveals the Forge mode of Halo Infinite with a first video.

This video is the first in a series of four, and focuses on the basics of The Forge: building maps. In order to best illustrate their point, Michael Schorr (Forge Lead Designer) and Cliff Schuldt (Multiplayer Level Designer) have created a fully forged reproduction of the beginning of the level Foundation of the game’s campaign.

Magnets, duplicating, undoing and redoing an action

First announcement of this introduction to the Forge of Halo Infinitethe basic features of previous iterations of the level editor (object duplication and magnets) are back in Halo Infinite. They come with a long-announced new feature: action undo and redo.

Placing an object on the ground

No more need for blacksmiths to spend long minutes trying to align their objects with the ground: this is a basic feature in the Forge of Halo Infinite !

Changing the size of objects

Briefly mentioned last weekchanging the size of objects will be one of the major new features of this new version of the Forge.

If it will obviously make it possible to enlarge or shrink an object directly, a creator can also choose to use it only on a single axis. It will therefore be quite possible to completely flatten an object in order to make it an ornament for a wall.
Better still: modifying the size of an object in any way will have no impact on the budget mobilized by said object.


Introduced in Halo 5: Guardiansitem material customization is back in Halo Infinite. Many materials are available: tiles, Forerunner metal, camouflage pattern, sheet metal, etc.

Once the material is chosen, you can modify it by adding dirt or scratches, or even changing its color. All of this is configurable for different pre-established regions on the vast majority of available objects.

In order to better support this new version of the Forge, the Forge menu has been redesigned to better list the many objects (many of which come from the campaign) available to creators as well as the many tools and functionalities distributed in radial menus.

In addition to radial menus, the build menu will let you manually run the calculation of different aspects of your map independently: lighting, reflective volumes of light, sounds as well as nav mesh (which allow bots to navigate within a map).

Another advance: if the Forge of Halo 5: Guardians offered as a preview only a cube roughly representing the space occupied by an object before its placement, the evolutions of the menu of Halo Infinite will allow you to fully see an object before placing it.

This new menu was also created with the future of the level editor in mind as it will easily be able to expand when adding new features.

Custom and pre-made objects

With the addition of item sizing and improved material handling, 343 Industries decided to join the Forge of Halo Infinite the ability to save and name modified objects. They will then be easily found and reused in all your cards.

The prefabs, introduced in Halo 5: Guardiansare also included and still allow you to save groups of objects to then reuse them elsewhere or share them with the rest of the Community.


In order to accommodate as many players as possible, the developers have decided to integrate 4 different predefined button configurations for the controller, including one that is very similar to that offered in the Forge of Halo 5: Guardians.


Last point discussed: the budget. 343 Industries recalls that if the limit in Halo 5: Guardians was 1600 objects, the Forge of Halo Infinite she will bear more than 7000 objects !

This explosion of the maximum number is notably possible thanks to the configuration of the objects: some can indeed be designated as “static”.

From then on, they will only serve as basic geometry for the map and will have a greatly reduced footprint in the various calculations carried out by the game engine.

343 Industries gives us an appointment in the coming weeks to discover more about the Forge of Halo Infinite over several upcoming videos:

  • Part 1: Construction BasicsWhat can I build and how do I do it? [vous êtes ici !]
  • Part 2: Scripts and BotsWhat are scripts, how can I use them, and how can I test my map with bots?
  • Part 3: Lighting and audioWhat visual, lighting, and sound tools can help me improve the look and sound of my maps?
  • Part 4: Canvas and share its filesWhere can I create my maps and how can players discover them?

The release of the Forge beta is still scheduled for the winter update announced for the November 8, 2022. This will mark the beginning for the Forge of Halo Infinite since 343 Industries indicated that the publisher will receive many updates in the coming months.

What do you think of the basic functions of the Forge in Halo Infinite?


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