Harraga rescue adrift in the Mediterranean (video)

Harraga rescue adrift in the Mediterranean (video)

The images are impressive, but they pinch the hearts all the same. Dozens of migrants were adrift in small boats when they were rescued by the aid ship ocean viking, chartered by the association SOS Méditerranée. The rescues took place off the island of Malta on Sunday 23 October.

SOS Méditerranée took photos and videos on the occasion of these rescues which it published on social networks. The Association will reach 73 harraga that it will take care of on its ambulance ship. Members of SOS Méditerranée and the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) take care of their reception. In one of the videos, we can see a small boat full to bursting, docked by theocean viking. We see about 20 migrants there.

The crew members of the humanitarian ship began by approaching the boat concerned aboard a boat and distributing life jackets to each of the harraga present on board. The craft will then be towed back to the main ship for the harraga to board.

In all 73 harraga saved by theocean viking

“39 drifting exiles were rescued by theocean viking in Maltese waters. A total of 73 survivors are currently on board theocean viking and supported by SOS Méditerranée France and the IFRC”, announced in a tweet the association in question. The same association does not specify the origin of the boat, but it can only come from Libya or Tunisia to reach Maltese waters.

It must be said that this kind of humanitarian ships are on the alert in the Mediterranean, given the growing number of harraga trying the deadly adventure of the crossing. In summer, thousands of harraga took this risk, especially from Algeria, but the arrival was not certain for everyone, some having perished at sea on their way to the Spanish coast. With the arrival of autumn and climatic disturbances, the harraga persist in these crossings of death regardless of risks and dangers.