“He is the one who will take the place of Russell Westbrook at the Lakers”

More really desired by the Lakers, Russell Westbrook is preparing for everything in the coming weeks. Unfortunately for him, the interest is relatively low in the market, which means that Brodie could remain a Laker for a bit longer. For Shaquille O’Neal, a player will steal his place in any case.

While the Lakers will return to the courts on September 27, with the start of training camp, the franchise is still trying to find a new trade. The priority is clear for Rob Pelinka: find a shooter, or an interior capable of boosting the defense. Buddy Hield and Myles Turner make sense at the Pacers, except the profile of Russell Westbrook does not interest the organization.

Shaquille O’Neal big fan of Patrick Beverley!

What is certain is that the Angelinos are not necessarily satisfied with the performance of the leader, the proof with the recent recruitment of Patrick Beverley. The latter will provide defense on the floor, an area where Westbrook is in great difficulty. Everything suggests that the Lakers will want to give it up, and Shaquille O’Neal totally approves.

Turner: “Patrick Beverley? Do you think he’s going to be a starter for the Lakers? »

O’Neal: “Oh yeah. For defensive reasons. He is a magician, he knows how to do without the ball, he knows how to involve the other players, yes. »

The sentence is not insignificant, especially when the subject addressed is Westbrook. By integrating Beverley into the starting 5, the Big Cactus knows that it is Russ who will pay the price, at least if he is still in the roster.

A suprise ? No, Beverley is not necessarily a better player than Russ, especially when he is at his best, but his qualities better match the needs of the Purple and Gold. Analyst Antonio Daniels said of the acquisition:

It’s the best case scenario for Beverley. It’s a good situation for him and the Lakers, a very good trade. I know people are going to say ‘Beverley can’t score, that LeBron needs shooters, like Anthony Davis. But you know what more they need? Patrick Beverly. They need a player like that in the roster.

Patrick Beverley in the 5 instead of Russell Westbrook? Nothing incredible, even if we are curious to know the position of Brodie in all this. Is he ready to agree to come off the bench, for the good of the roster? He will have to, or he might be sent home.

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