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It’s not just a change in weight, Sony has changed the interior of the PS5 extensively.

The three PS5 // Source: Austin Evans

After PS5 price increasethe new controller…Sony unveiled a modified PlayStaton 5. Visually, nothing changes, but it turns out that a lot has changed inside.

A CFI 1200 model very different from the previous one

The CFI 1200 model appeared in Australia, among other places, at the end of August and weighs up to 300 grams less than the previous model. A teardown video posted by the tech youtuber austin evans shows that this weight saving is in truth due to a significant change inside.

  • Launch 2020 – Classic: 4.5 kg / Digital Edition: 3.9 kg
  • Revision 2021 – Classic: 4.2 kg / Digital Edition: 3.6 kg
  • Revision 2022 – Classic: 3.9 kg / Digital Edition: 3.4 kg

According to the American Youtuber, the new model has a “completely different” motherboard that is significantly smaller than that of previous models. The heatsink of the redesigned PS5 is even smaller than that of the CFI-1100 model, but it includes a heat pipe that leads to the other side of the system. Austin Evans also points out that the PS5 CFI 1200 model’s SSD enclosure has “better” shielding.

The new motherboard and modified heatsink result in a weight reduction of over 200 grams. At the same time, the black plastic mold of the console has been reinforced, which slightly reduces the weight savings.

Austin Evans also claims that the new model has more efficient energy consumption. When tested with all three consoles with Astro’s Playroom game, the launch model consumes approximately 218 watts, the CFI 1100 (2021) model consumes 229 watts, and the new PS5 CFI 1200 (2022) only 201 watts. Apparently the temperature generated was the same.

PS5 2022%0A –  Frandroid –  The new PS5 is BETTER 😬 10-37 screenshot
The three PS5 // Source: Austin Evans

But, he could not only discover benefits. Sony has changed virtually every component »including the CMOS battery, which is now fully covered by the heatsink: “Previously it was relatively easy to swap it out if you needed to, but now you have to completely disassemble the PS5, which is definitely a downside. “.

A Slim model in the boxes?

Being all these changes, it looks like Sony is moving towards a possible slim model of the PS5 that would not only be lighter, but it would also have smaller dimensions.

At the moment, we don’t know when the new PS5 will be sold in Europe. For the moment, it is the 2021 model that you will find on the shelves… If you find any.

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