Here is the first air purifying motorcycle helmet

The Indian start-up Shellios Technolabs has developed a connected anti-pollution motorcycle helmet, which tells the driver when the filter should be changed.

Puros is a new product made in Delhi, the polluted air capital of the world. This helmet incorporates various accessories to purify the air: a fan, a H13 HEPA filter (high efficiency air filter), an electronic circuit and a micro-USB charging port for the battery integrated into the helmet. The air purification system is placed at the back of the helmet. It captures all particles coming from outside, and cleans the air before it enters the pilot’s bronchi.

The anti-pollution solution for motorcyclists

According to Shellios Technolabsthe Puros helmet guarantees a reduction of more than 80% in exposure to pollution.

The young Indian shoot has signed marketing agreements with the main original equipment manufacturers for this helmet, which is now sold in India at a price of 4,500 rupees (56.5 €). In view of the serious deterioration of air quality in Delhi, which is regularly shrouded in a thick smog of pollution, Puros’ solution should gain many followers.

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Shellios Technolabs - Puros headphones

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