Here is the first iOS 16.1 beta: with what changes?

iOS 16 is available since the beginning of September, for compatible machines. A few hours ago, Appel released a first test version for iOS 16.1. This is available to date for developers registered in the developer beta test program. At the same time, a new beta for iPadOS is also in order, for iPadOS 16.1.

What’s new for iOS 16.1?

And here are the new features that iOS 16.1 should bring, based on its first beta version:

  • Battery percentage: the option to show battery percentage in the status bar is now available more widely, on iPhone XR, iPhone 11, iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 13 mini
  • Eco-friendly battery charging: new option in Settings > Battery Battery Status which aims to allow an iPhone in charge to adapt its charging according to the available electricity. The iPhone will favor periods of availability of energy with low CO2 emissions and periods when the network is at a low consumption. To see how this will be implemented in France
  • Maps can be deleted: the Wallet application, or Cards in French, can be deleted, like many other native Apple applications
  • Lock screen: customization of the latter is easier, with now an option to change the wallpaper of the locked screen, and an option to customize the wallpaper of the home screen
  • Live Activities: deployment of the special locked screen widget allowing the display, at the bottom of the screen, of information updated in real time, audio playback, monitoring of sports competitions, etc.
  • Automation : in the iPhone settings, a new section dedicated to accessories compatible with the Matter standard has appeared, “Matter Accesories”

Here’s what the iOS 16.1 beta test cycle looks like at this point:

  • Wednesday, September 14: first developer beta bringing the new features seen below in video

If you don’t have a developer account, you can still try the latest iOS 16.1 beta, as explained there. However, we do not recommend that you install a developer beta (if you are not a developer). For a question of risk of data loss, it is better to wait for the public beta of iOS 16.

Notice to iOS 16.1 testers, have you noticed any other notable new features than those listed earlier in the article? – Official App

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