Here is the new iCloud web interface, Apple surprises us

Apple is not known for the quality of its web applications, nor its expertise in this area. Still, iCloud is going to undergo a global overhaul on the web.

This is the new iCloud homepage

The latest version of iCloud, currently in beta, has a whole new interface with app widgets and a customizable interface.

Customizable and practical

When you first log into this platform, with your iCloud account, you’ll be greeted by a set of widgets that display information about your iCloud profile, Apple Mail, Photos and iCloud Drive. A large button at the bottom lets you add, remove, or rearrange widgets based on other iCloud services like Notes or iWork.

There is a real menu, you can also access your notes, your reminders as well as Find My (if you lost an Apple device)

When you change your homepage, all widgets start shaking, just like app icons on your iPhone.

Everything is shaking

At the top right is a shortcut to launch applications; as well as a shortcut to “Create” options including create new email, note, calendar event, reminder, document Pagesa Numbers spreadsheet, and a presentation Keynote.

To create on the fly an e-mail, a note, a table…

Most people won’t use iCloud’s web interface as their primary interface. However, it can be handy for accessing your data when you’re on non-Apple machines or when you’re offline. Especially since the applications have the same interfaces and functionalities as before. By the way, it’s useful if you lose your iPhone, you can geolocate it and block it via Locateavailable on the iCloud web interface.

Let’s hope that this experiment goes into production, for the moment, we repeat, it’s only a beta access accessible from

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