Hitman – World of Assassination introduces a big free game mode!  |  XboxOne

Hitman – World of Assassination introduces a big free game mode! | XboxOne

On January 26, the last trilogy of Hitman will know some changes since the last title will opt for the name of Hitman – World of Assassination and thus group the last three games of the license. In addition to this, the developers will offer a whole new experience to shake up the habits of budding assassins.

Good planning for a perfect assassination

All Hitman – World of Assassination players will soon have the pleasure of discovering the Freelancer mode to understand the missions in a new way. Indeed, IOI wants that in addition to accomplishing the objectives, Agent 47 also looks into “strategic planning”.

This time, there is no question of being assisted by his sponsors, the assassin with the barcode on his skull will have to ask himself the right questions to build his arsenal of equipment, but also decide what he should take with him on a mission. as its carrying capacity will be limited.

If Agent 47 will have full responsibility for what he wants to take with him, he can also decide which syndicates to face according to his approach to the objectives, his favorite places, but also his attraction to certain types of crimes.

Without outside help, the player will have to take advantage of the Showdown missions to identify the targets. Investigative work is necessary before ending a few lives. This is why the hideout represents a great opportunity to gather information.

Be aware that it is possible to go on a mission without guarantee that an objective can be achieved. It is therefore important to spend time on strategic planning since Freelancer relies on random elements and nothing is ever acquired!

This new mode will be available free of charge for all owners of Hitman – World of Assassination from next January 26.