Honda will begin production of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in the United States in 2024

Honda will produce its first fuel cell vehicles in the United States in 2024. Will customers respond?

The major electrification initiative of Honda will include hydrogen cars for the US market. The automaker has indeed revealed that it will start production in the United States of such vehicles in 2024. The first model will be a plug-in hybrid based on the current CR-V, pictured above. You will thus have a totally electric drive for your short daily journeys and still zero emissions for your longer journeys.

Honda will produce its first fuel cell vehicles in the United States in 2024

More details about this hydrogen-powered CR-V will be revealed later in 2023, before production begins in 2024, as announced. Honda. The brand is only ready to reveal the engine today, below. The current CR-V is available in a conventional hybrid version with a combustion engine and without recharging.

Honda CR-V hydrogenHonda

The new model is part of Honda’s strategy to phase out internal combustion engine vehicles by 2040 using a mix of 100% electric vehicles and fuel cell cars. In addition to the hydrogen CR-V, Americans are also waiting for the fully electric Prologue SUV, also scheduled for 2024. The brand already sells the electric Honda E, but not in the United States. Honda also aims to be completely carbon neutral by 2050.

Will customers respond?

It’s hard to know if there really is a place in the market for a fuel cell SUV. Hydrogen cars have not been very popular in the United States compared to their all-electric counterparts, in particular because of their high price and the underdeveloped network of filling stations. Honda had discontinued its sedan hydrogen Clarity in 2021, partly in response to weak demand for this $71,200 vehicle. No one knows how customers will react to this model in 2024, especially as electric vehicles become more affordable and have ever-improving range.