How To Change Webcam Settings On Windows 10 Or Windows 11

Your webcam settings can make or break your online video calling experience. Luckily, you can change your settings and choose a modification more suited to your needs on Windows computers. In this article, we will see how you can change the webcam settings on your Windows. Let’s start.

To change the webcam settings on your Windows, you must first access the camera settings. Here’s how:

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  1. Head to the The start menu search bar, type “camera” and select the best match.
  2. The camera will launch. Now select the settings icon at the top of the camera.
  3. A new Settings menu will be launched. From here, you can change almost everything related to your camera settings: framing grid, photo quality, time-lapse, etc.

Here are some of the ways to change your webcam settings on both Windows computers. But that’s certainly not all, of course. You also have some influence over your privacy when using the camera; all you have to do is go to your webcam’s privacy settings and make the changes from there. Let’s see how.

To change your webcam’s privacy settings, you must first go to the Settings menu. Here’s how.

  • Launch Windows Settings by pressing the Windows key + I.
  • Select now Privacy and Security.
  • Select Camera from below the Application permissions tongue.

Here you will find a multitude of privacy settings to choose from and modify. For example, you can choose which apps are allowed to access your camera, as you see in the list below.

camera privacy settings

Simply enable or disable the app you want your camera to have access to. Or, alternatively, you can also disable the camera for all apps by turning off the switch for camera access.

If you are Windows, the steps will be only slightly different. Go to Settings and select Privacy > Camera.

camera settings

Similar to Windows 11 above, you can change camera settings from here.

Adjusting camera settings on a Windows PC

If you’re a modern 21st century worker, you’ve almost always had to use a camera or webcam on your PC; this has become doubly true since the start of the Covid crisis a few years ago, which noticeably drove almost all professional teams towards one communication application or the other.

Whether you use Teams, Zoom, or Skype, the right settings for your webcam or camera are essential for a smooth video call experience.

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