how to configure and use it?

If you have an Xbox, you can now natively use the Discord messaging service. How do you do it?

Any gamer who plays online games needs a top notch text and voicemail system. In this area, we are currently doing no better than Discord, which has become a reference for anyone who needs to communicate about a game or keep up to date with events thanks to its famous channels. But there is a huge downside to using the service: its integration on consoles.

Indeed, Discord is still very much affiliated with the PC ecosystem, and for good reason, using it on a console is simply impossible. Few months ago, PlayStation announced to buy the service in order to integrate it natively on its devices, but it seems that it was Xbox that took the first step with an important update. Players who have joined the green team can now use Discord directly on their console, officially after a test phase exclusive to members of the Insiders program. Here is how to get there, which differs slightly from that previously communicated.

How do I set up Discord on Xbox?

First of all, it’s worth mentioning that it’s primarily the voice aspect of Discord that has been integrated into the console. Players can now use voice channels and party calls while enjoying their game. You therefore have access to all the parameters associated with sounds and calls directly on your Xbox, and you can also display the participants of a call or view the active voices.

To do this, you must already have a Discord account. If not, you can create one by clicking right here. You must then link it to your console by going to the settings, under the Profile and systems tab, then Accounts and finally Linked social accounts. A list of networks is then displayed, of which Discord is now a part. Click on the corresponding icon and follow the instructions.

Note that to use Discord on Xbox you will need the desktop or mobile application.. If you want to take advantage of a call directly on Xbox, you will first have to go through the application, then click on Transfer the call, represented by a smartphone icon hidden by a controller. Follow the instructions again and you’re done. The procedure is still a little complicated for the moment, but we hope that a future update will correct the defects of this first integration.

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