How to delete duplicate photos on your iPhone?

The iOS 16 update for iPhones includes a new feature capable of detecting duplicate photos to merge them.

Available for several days now on all compatible iPhonesthe update iOS 16 inaugurates many new features. Among these, some, more or less unnoticed, are nevertheless very interesting. This is particularly the case of the new functionality integrated into the Photos application which makes it possible to analyze the contents of the camera roll to find duplicates.

These images, present in several copies, are grouped together in a dedicated album in which iOS 16 includes an option to do some cleaning by merging duplicate content. Here’s everything you need to know to properly clean up your iPhone camera roll.

1. Access Duplicates

To find duplicate photos from your camera roll, open the app Picturesgo to the tab Albumsthen at the very bottom of the list, under the heading Othersenter the menu Doubloons. This is where all duplicate images detected by iOS 16 are logged.


2. Merge a duplicate

By default, the Duplicates album displays the latest images that were detected as duplicates. Push the button Mergethen in the pop-up that is displayed, confirm by pressing Merge 2 items.

iOS 16 merge duplicates

iOS 16 will then keep one of the two images, ensuring that it is the one with the best quality and with the most relevant information (metadata). The other image will be sent to the Recently Deleted album for thirty days before being permanently erased from your device’s memory.

3. Merge multiple duplicates

It is not mandatory to manually review all duplicates detected by iOS 16. Fortunately, Apple allows you to merge several detected duplicates at once.

To do this, press the button Select at the top right, then select the duplicates to process by pressing the button Select located to their right. You can also choose to Select all, at the top left of the screen, to select all the duplicates detected. Finally press Mergeat the bottom center of the screen.

iOS 16 merge duplicates

Depending on the number of duplicates present in your camera roll, but also on their nature, iOS 16 should offer you two options: Merge x exact copies onlyWhere Merge x elements.

iOS 16 is indeed able to detect images that are exactly identical, but whose metadata may be different from the original photo. The OS can also consider that certain “photos of similar appearance” are duplicates, while specifying that these images may have “some slight differences, in particular in terms of resolution and format”.

So choose the option that seems to you to be the most appropriate for the content of your camera roll. If you prefer to be on the safe side, choose Merge x exact copies, this will prevent you from unnecessarily losing images that may be of some importance. Then confirm the merging of duplicates by pressing Merge x elements. Wait a few moments while iOS does the necessary cleaning.

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