how to disconnect them from your iCloud account?

Learn how to remove your AirPods from your iCloud account and Find My network before you part with them.

You intend to part with your AirPods or your AirPods Pro to acquire the AirPods Pro 2 ? Before giving in to temptation, it is best to take certain precautions. Because if you already have AirPods, these are undoubtedly associated with your Apple ID. This allows, among other things, to be able to find them by displaying their position on a map in Locateor to ring the headsets remotely if you have misplaced them, for example.

Therefore, if you part with your AirPods without first disconnecting them from your iCloud account, the future owner will not in turn be able to associate them with their Apple ID. On the other hand, if the headphones you part with remain connected to your account, you can spy on the future user without their knowledge, and even worse, you can break their ears by ringing them remotely.

Moreover, even if the new owner decides to reset the AirPods, for security reasons, they will always remain associated with your Apple ID. To avoid this kind of situation, it is therefore best to take a few precautions before giving up your AirPods. The procedure to remove them from your iCloud account is simple, but needs to be done when both devices are near each other and connected.

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1. Open Locate

Launch the app Locate on your iPhone and go to the tab Devices. Locate your AirPodspress it to access the dedicated panel, and drag it to the top of the screen to open it in its entirety.


2. Remove your AirPods from Find My

At the very bottom of the panel dedicated to your AirPods, tap To delete this device.

Disconnect AirPods from iCloud

You should see a summary screen indicating that your AirPods will no longer be linked to your Apple ID and someone else can set them up in the Find My network. Then press the button To delete to validate.

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