How to download a YouTube file to MP3?

Converting a YouTube file to MP3 can be done for free with your PC or mobile device. It is just necessary that these files are free of rights.

We know that YouTube is a vast mine of videos : documentaries, films or even music. For those who are more comfortable with audio, they can convert files according to their choice. There are countless techniques for downloading a YouTube file to MP3 on your PC. Here are a few that we have selected for you.

Use 4K YouTube to MP3

The 4K YouTube to MP3 program allows you to download your favorite music safely. For this, you need to go to the 4K download website and then download the program. Once installed on your PC, you only have to activate it before downloading your MP3 files.

The version free can record up to 30 leads per day. Beyond this limit, the download is chargeable.

Download your audio files with MP3FY

With MP3FY, you can directly convert YouTube video to MP3. To do this, you can go to his website and paste the link of the video to convert that you previously copied. Otherwise, you can directly add “fy” between “youtube” and “.com” in the video URL. This quickly takes you to the site to download the audio file.

Use Mediahuman YouTube to MP3 Converter

Another site, Mediahuman, has a free audio file download tool called YouTube to MP3 converter. It allows to download multiple videos at once by pasting the URL into the upload field. With this program, you can directly add the downloaded files to your iTunes library.

YouTube to MP3 from Motionbox

Motionbox also has a tool for downloading YouTube files to MP3. Just copy the URL of the video then paste it in the appropriate field. The program allows to preview video before downloading. Since we want to record an audio file, we must select “Download MP3” then “Cut and download MP3”., the specific program for a Windows PC program is available only on Windows. It allows you to download a YouTube file in MP3 format for free. To do this, one must copy the URL of the video and then copy it into the text box of the program. offers the possibility to choose between different audio formats. In this case, you will choose the MP3 format before starting the download.

Get your YouTube files to MP3 with iSkysoft on your Mac

The iSkysoft program is running for free on your Mac once you get the video downloader HD iTube on its website. To download YouTube file to MP3, you need to open the video URL. Then go to the top left corner of the video. There you will find a Download button. Before you start downloading, you need to choose an audio format.

Visit and get your audio files

There is another way to download YouTube files to MP3 on your desktop. For it, directly visit Once inside, you need to copy the URL of the video to be converted and paste it in the text box of the site. After that, you click Convert Video and then Download.

Download your YouTube files to MP3 without third-party application

Here are two ways to download your YouTube files to MP3 without using a third-party application:

Go to Parallels Toolbox

You can easily download all your YouTube files in MP3 version by accessing Parallels Toolbox. It is a tool integrated into the toolbar of your screen. Once you access the tool, you will see the Library window which displays different options. Then click on Audio then Download Audio.

The download can start when you have dragged the URL of the video to be converted into the appropriate field.

Insert “kiss” in the video URL

Although it may sound weird, inserting the word “kiss” in the video URL can directly get a YouTube file to MP3. Also, once you have accessed the video, justadd the term “kiss” before the “youtube” in the URL. Then pause the video to buffer it.

After that, go to the menu bar and click on Window, then Activity. Then go to the line representing the video to download and double-click it.

Upload your audio files from a mobile device

If you want to download audio files to your mobile android or iOS, go for YouTube to MP3 Downloader. To do this, open the app and paste the video URL into your app’s search bar. Then press the drop-down menu and choose the 320kbps MP3 format (this is the best option). After that, click Convert and then click Download after the video is converted.

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