How to engage participants?

Arousing the commitment of the participants is crucial for the success of this one. Indeed, the world of events is constantly changing. To always be “in” as they say, you have to be on the lookout for all the new trends in the sector. For this article, we will discover together the concept of doing a session in the same room, but with several accessible formats. So, how to do ?

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Engage participants with a change of scenery

You have to start with the basics first. And if you change the layout of your chairs ? This also applies to lighting. This is indeed what Chris Mix, a planning professional, suggests. This action should be repeated two or even three times a day in the main meeting room. With this new method, the event gives a new decor to each entrance in the same room. This greatly revives the commitment of the participants.

Renewed enthusiasm from participants

The effect of these daily scenery changes revive the enthusiasm guests. The planning professional explains that the guests were eager to return to their session room to see the new decor that awaited them. They were thus more conducive to following the session and the following one in full concentration. But the most important thing is that it allows a better engagement of the participants in the room.

Some examples of room layouts to engage attendees

You have to adjust your decoration and furniture taking into account the degree of attendee interaction desired for your hourly or session-based event.

Your tailor-made event

Impress your guests by organizing an event in your image. From the conference, to the product launch and the company evening, make this moment unforgettable.

Prize-giving ceremony

For this kind of event, you can arrange two sofas in a quarter circle, placing them almost side by side to have a half-moon configuration throughout the room. Because of this, each pair will face the stage, but from a different angle.

This open seat configuration allows participants to approach the stage when the time is right, without disturbing their neighbor by asking them to step aside. In this way, the event becomes more enjoyable and energetic.

Regulatory session

For a session that is more about regulatory compliance – in the case of a product presentation for example – the sofas or chairs have also been placed in a quarter circle. However, for this event format, these sofas faced each other to allow for team interaction that can take the form of a quiz with a brisk pace.

This format can be combined with the use of a technology. Thus, to answer this quiz, each team must choose an answer from those offered and post it in a game in an application dedicated to the event. The moderator gives after the answer. On a screen will be displayed the progress and the points of each team. Thus the commitment of the participants will be retained.

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