How to improve your “relationship” selling techniques

How to improve your “relationship” selling techniques

Vincent Fournier, speaker and best-selling author, responsible for the Development and relationship selling training: best practices (courtesy)

October 25, 2022

In a new Isarta training, speaker Vincent Fournier explains how to get in tune with today’s consumers, by adopting an approach based on “listening” rather than “pressure selling”. The training in question, entitled Development and relationship selling: best practiceswill take place in the form of a webinar on November 15. Interview with a best-selling speaker and author, with more than 30 years of experience in the fields of strategic management, sales, business development, customer service and communication-marketing

The training is based on the book “Stop selling, let your customers buy you!” »published in 2014, and which caused a lot of talk when it was released.

At the time, I came up with a somewhat left-field idea… says Vincent Fournier. We were then in a pressure selling approach, where we were told that to sell, we first had to create a need in the consumer. And I came in saying that pressure selling doesn’t work anymore. And that, to sell, you have to ask questions rather than arriving with ready-made answers! »

An approach to the exact opposite of the famous ABC (“Always Be Closing”), celebrated in the film Glengarry Glen Rossbut which, ultimately, corresponds much better to the new generation of consumers.

Today’s consumer, I call him “consom’acteur”; we want to play a leading role in the theater of consumption. Studies show that shopping is now done on the Internet and by consulting our loved ones. When we arrive at the merchant, we come to validate information rather than seek advice. »

Vincent Fournier proposes a supporting role in a consumer’s quest to solve a problem.

For years, we’ve been told that in order to sell, you have to take control of the conversation. I say that you don’t sell with answers or a sales pitch, but rather with questions. We must put ourselves in listening mode to discover not only the needs of the client, but also his deep motivations. »

The speaker takes the example of a seller of electric cars. If he focuses his “sales pitch” on the environmental benefits of owning such a vehicle, when the customer in front of him is in fact motivated by the economic aspect, he will not be able to “connect and miss a sale.

To sum up his approach, Vincent Fournier uses a skillfully constructed formula to force the salesperson to put himself in the customer’s shoes:

A solution can’t be sold, it can be bought. »

We all have “something to sell”

The training is aimed at both representatives who do direct selling and entrepreneurs or self-employed workers who want to improve their sales skills.

We sell every day, even if we are not in a commercial mode, reminds the speaker. We sell the movie we want to go see with our spouse, the broccoli we want our children to manage… Selling, in the end, is about influence. And so, the conference is also aimed at people who want to develop their business. »

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