how to measure someone’s height with their iphone

Want to know someone’s height? Your iPhone can help you with this. Here’s how to do it.

For measure a person’s height, it usually requires a ruler, centimeter or other third-party tool. What we don’t always have. Fortunately, Apple revolutionized the way we measure things. With the help of your iPhone, you can now measure someone’s height from the comfort of your own home. This is possible with the Measure app. This is a feature that the Cupertino brand has created especially for its various devices. Here is how to use your iphone to take someone’s height.

What is the Measure App and how does it help to measure actual size?

LMeasure app is exclusive to Apple smartphones. To work, the application uses the LiDAR sensor which, with time-of-flight technology and augmented reality, manages to detect the actual distance. This allows you to measure a variety of things, just with your iPhone. There is for example the real size of a person, that of a frame for printthe location of a window, the dimensions of a door, etc.

However, it is not compatible with all iPhone ranges. Only newer ones can use it:

Even though the other models can use the app, they don’t have all the necessary components to measure the actual size.

In addition to these iPhones, a few tablets can also use this feature. This is the case of 11-inch iPad Proof the 12.9-inch iPad Pro of the fourth generation and their later versions. Also, the iPhone 15 range to come should embed this technology.

Either way, keep in mind that the application is installed by default on compatible devices. However, if you do not find it in the list of applications installed on your phone, it is because the latter is not compatible.

Tutorial to measure the height of a person with his iPhone

To measure the height of a person, a piece of furniture or a wall with your compatible iPhone or tablet, here’s how to go about it:

  • Launch your theMeasure app ;
  • Go to the app settings to set the unit of measurement to ” metre » ;
  • Return to the app’s home screen and position the device’s camera over the person or thing you want to measure;
  • Make sure that the target person is within the scope defined by the application;
  • A line should appear giving you the person’s estimated height.

Apple informs that the measurements displayed by the Measure app may not be compliant strictly speaking to reality. Very often it isestimates. You must therefore add marginsregarding its use.