how to remove search icon from screen

Apple released iOS 16 a few days ago on all iPhones (since 8), but not all the new features are to the liking.

The arrival of iOS 16 at the beginning of last week was expected by many users, eager to test the new lock screen. But this update also brought its share of unforeseen novelties. One of the most disturbing is the arrival of a “search” button at the bottom of the screen.

For many users, its presence makes certain basic tasks more complicated and they are looking for a solution to make it disappear. Fortunately, it is possible to return to a home screen similar to that of iOS 15 with this new update. To remove this button, simply go to the phone settings.

An annoying “search” button

Once in this section, select “home screen”. Then the “search” option should be disabled and the button will magically disappear from the home screen. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible to search through Spotlight on the iPhone, though. As with older versions of the operating system, it is still possible to pull down the screen to display the search bar at the top of your device.

This little trick is being shared massively on various discussion forums specializing in the apple brand. This shows that this novelty, introduced by Apple without having been presented during the last WWDC in June, is not unanimous. However, it is impossible to know what percentage of people who have installed iOS 16 are bothered by this new feature on their phone.

iOS 16: full of new features for the start of the school year

Arriving last Monday, the update to iOS 16 allowed users to discover a brand new wallpaper, much more customizable than before. The hour can thus be more or less large, several fonts are available and the user can choose different wallpapers, linked to his chosen “concentration” mode.

Among the other novelties announced by Apple during the last edition of WWDC in June, Apple worked on an intelligent photo cropping system. It is thus possible to transfer part of a photo via email or iMessage with a simple gesture of the finger. The Messages application has just been reviewed by Apple. The Apple makes the modification and deletion of a message up to 5 minutes after sending.

For the rest, you can consult our article on the 5 big new features of iOS 16or, to get an even more complete idea, the article on the 100 new features of iOS 16. The new operating system from Apple is available for all devices since the iPhone 8. The update is accessible in the phone settings in the “general” section then “software update”.

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