How to unlock the Desert Vivarium estate?

How to unlock the Desert Vivarium estate?

You will not have missed it, the desert of sumeru in Genshin Impact is filled with secrets and hidden mechanism. We often find invisible walls that block our progress. This is the case towards the area to the far north of the desertwhich is called Desert Vivarium. The latter is not immediately accessible, and you will have to solve a small puzzle before you can open its doors. Here’s how to unlock the Desert Vivarium Estate in Genshin Impact.

How to access the Desert Vivarium?

When you get there, you’ll find that the area is filled with invisible walls, but don’t worry about that. You will see Pyro stelae scattered around the temple that deserve your attention.

There are 5 in total, but you have to activate them in a very specific order. For it, you will have to look at the burning flowers near each of the stelae. First start by lighting the stele where there are no flowers around.

Then, find the stele with a burning flower by its side. continue with the stele with two burning flowers, and so on. If you activate them in this order, the temple should rise from the ground.

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