how to watch TV with the Sosh Box?

The Sosh Box is a dual play internet box including Internet and telephony. This means that it does not include television services. However, it is quite possible to watch television and access Orange TV channels and services. In effect, sosh allows this thanks to 3 options adapted to each consumption: the Orange Sosh TV application, the decoder and the Sosh TV key.

Sosh: watch TV via the Orange TV application

The Sosh box included free of charge in its services the OrangeTV app. The latter allows you to access 72 channels for free, live or in replay with a simple internet connection, 4G, 5G… A VOD service is also included in order to rent or buy your films and series. It is also possible to add options and additional TV content, with 9 bouquets to choose from (BeIN sports, OCS, etc.). The app Orange-TV allows you to watch your programs from your mobile, tablet, PC, MAC or console. To take advantage of it, you simply have to request its activation from Sosh via their customer service or from your customer area.

The Sosh TV decoder: TV on your television screen

Second solution to enjoy TV with Sosh: TV decoder rental 4 with the Sosh TV package included. For an additional €5 per month, you will have access to more than 140 TV channels. You will also benefit from access to VOD and will have the possibility of subscribing to Netflix, OCS, Canal+ or even BeIN Sports. Note that this €5/month option is non-binding. So you can terminate it at any time.

The Sosh TV key: TV wherever you want!

Last option proposed by Sosh: the rental of a TV key. This allows you to access the catalog of the Orange TV app at home or anywhere, on the TV of your choice. By opting for the TV stick, you are free to use it as you see fit, since it does not require a decoder. The Sosh TV key connects directly to any box, Livebox or not, directly to the HDMI port of a television, then select your program on the Orange TV app. This Sosh TV key offer is non-binding and at a fixed price of €3.99.

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