HP SitePrint, a small construction robot that could be very useful

HP SitePrint is a job site striping robot, a welcome help in the United States in the face of a labor shortage.

Construction workers may soon spend more time building and less time preparing. HP unveiled a robot, SitePrint, which is able to autonomously print the plans on the different floors. With the help of a remote control tablet and cloud tools, the machine can draw walls, doors and other construction elements with little human intervention – it can avoid unexpected obstacles, including steep slopes. The company says its robot can complete a full layout in much less time than a human worker, but that depends on the complexity of the project.

HP SitePrint is a construction site tracing robot

This SitePrint robot has two batteries each of which can keep it running for up to four hours. The device is capable print on a wide variety of surfaces, such as concrete, plywood and terrazzo, even if these are rough. You can also choose inks that can last a few days or a few months to meet the duration of the project.

HP will offer its SitePrint robot to construction companies in North America this month as part of an early access program. The final version should arrive in the course of 2023. The material has already been tested on a wide variety of projects, airports to hospitals.

A welcome help to the United States in the face of a labor shortage

There is clearly a concern with SitePrint that the bot could cause jobs to be lost. Indeed, the latter requires only one operator against two or three people to make these lines manually on a construction site. That being said, the market launch timing seems perfect. As in other industries, construction currently suffers from a certain labor shortage. Robots like SitePrint could help workers move forward on a construction site that lacks hands, or allow ambitious projects to be carried out without hiring very large teams.

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