HP unveils SitePrint, a robot that prints building plans

HP unveiled a robot baptized SitePrint and capable of drawing ground plans on construction sites. The American firm assures that companies that obtain it will be able to multiply their productivity by 10.

HP mixes printing and robotics

If we know that robots can be useful in many areas, such as facilitating the work of employees in warehouses, SitePrint demonstrates capabilities that have not previously been explored by manufacturers. By combining its know-how in the fields of printing and robotics, HP has developed a machine that could revolutionize the building sector.

The robot autonomously prints construction plans on the floors, allowing workers to spend less time on this step and focus more on building the various structures. He can thus draw lines, but also arcs, text and points so that the plans are as precise as possible. SitePrint is also able to print on various surfaces such as concrete, macadam, plywood, pavers, as well as on non-porous surfaces such as terrazzo, vinyl, or even polyepoxide.

The hardware has already been tested in projects ranging from airports to hospitals, and now HP is taking it to the next level. As reported Engadget, the company is making the SitePrint bot available to North American businesses this month as part of an early access program. Its large-scale launch is scheduled for 2023.

The robot can trace for a whole day without recharging

In terms of performance, the speed of SitePrint depends above all on the density of the lines and the complexity of the job to be printed. However, HP claims that it can improve construction productivity by up to ten times compared to the manual process.

The robot comes with two batteries: each of them can draw construction plans constantly for 4 hours. Thus, the two batteries combined make it possible to perform a full day’s work. SitePrint is also equipped with sensors allowing it to avoid obstacles or slopes.

Everything necessary for the execution of the route will be delivered with the robot to the companies. On the ink side, HP guarantees different liquids depending on the surfaces as well as many color options. Finally, the firm ensures that only one person is needed to operate SitePrint, against about three for manual tracing. If it may seem that the robot will steal the work of humans, you should know that its launch falls at the right time across the Atlantic, where the construction sector is hit by a very significant labor shortage.

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