Humankind: first expansion Together We Rule available

Humankind: first expansion Together We Rule available

“In his Art of War from the 5th century BCE, Sun Tzu writes that ‘the supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting’ – advice still relevant millennia later.

It’s also the perfect synthesis of our goals for diplomacy in HUMANKIND™, our historical turn-based strategy game. We want to give players many options other than war to earn Renown and achieve victory in the game. Today we are very excited to announce the release of our first expansion Together We Rule and the update free “Metternich” that accompanies it, focusing on diplomacy and espionage.


See the world in a new light and handle conflict differently with these new additions focused on diplomacy and espionage:

The Congress of Humanity – Participate in an inter-empire forum with the Congress of Humanity. It will allow players to vote and decide on world doctrines and arbitrate international disputes together.

The Embassy – Use this new district to sign agreements beneficial to both empires, such as agreements for training or joint research. You can also use your influence currency to force an empire to take specific actions to your advantage, such as reducing war support or enforcing claims.

The agents – This new family of units will allow you to gain influence, but also to infiltrate, sabotage and misinform other empires.

Diplomatic Affinity + six new cultures – The new Diplomatic Affinity allows cultures that have it to play a more active role in world diplomacy.

Their active ability allows them to demilitarize a territory for 10 turns, while their passive ability allows all their units, in addition to agents, to harvest influence.

The 6 new cultures are Sumerians, Han Chinese, Bulgarians, Swiss, Scots, and Singaporeans.

Six New Wonders, New Story Events, New Music – Monument Valley, Pamukkale, Chocolate Hills, Eldgjá, ​​the Palace of Versailles, and the headquarters of the Congress of Humanity.


Whether you decide to opt for the extension or not, an important free update awaits you on the same day. The “Metternich” update will add new stealth mechanics, a reorganization of independent peoples, third-party combat reinforcements, as well as new options and improvements to the user interface. Find the full patch notes at Games2Gether.

The Together We Rule expansion will be available for $19.99 on Steam, Epic Games Store, and Xbox Gamepass for PC. Enjoy a 10% discount until November 16!

Good game,

– The Ampliteam”