Humankind presents its new extension, Together We Rule – News

In fact, this additional content pack includes a new feature with the Congress of Humanity, which allows you to vote on world doctrines and resolve international conflicts using a new currency, Diplomatic Pressure. From the Embassy, ​​a new district that unlocks new interactions with other factions, you can force an empire to make decisions in your favor.

To increase this famous “Pressure”, it will be necessary to deploy Agents to infiltrate, sabotage and misinform your rivals from the inside. The Emissary will be able to move freely on the map, without diplomatic restrictions, to influence the tribes, while the Spy and the Master-Spy specialize in infiltration and sabotage respectively.

Sumerians, Hans, Bulgarians, Swiss, Scots and Singaporeans: six of the cultures through the ages will have this new affinity, to play a more important role as events dictate. Their active ability will allow them to disarm a territory in 10 turns, while their passive ability will see all their units increase the pressure level by several notches.

Also note the addition of 6 new wonders (Monument Valley, Pamukkale, Chocolate Hills, Eldgjá, ​​the Palace of Versailles, and the headquarters of the Congress of Humanity), 15 new narrative events (including 4 inter-empires) and new music by Arnaud Roy.

As for the free update, available to everyone alongside the expansion pack, it will add new stealth mechanics, revamp independent peoples, enable third-party combat reinforcements, and add new options and upgrades. of the user interface.

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