“I am a top striker, anything is possible”!

2017 was the year that marked his career. In an interview with wiwsport, Babacar Fall, champion in D2 Albania with KF Bylis, where he currently plays in the first division. He tells his story, his passion for football and his desire to play for Senegal.

Introduce yourself.

My name is Babacar Fall, I am 1.91m tall and 21 years old. I was born in Dakar and for 5 years I have been living abroad, currently in Albania.

Where did you receive your training in Senegal?

I was trained in Dakar at the Modou Mbaye football school which is located at HLM 5. In 2017, I was upgraded to cadets to play with the u17 category. I scored 25 goals this year and it was the trigger for my career. I joined Génération Foot for just a few months and I didn’t have to sign there. Then I traveled abroad.

Why Italy first?

My dad has a lot of contact there. He is a sports adviser and he managed to get a contract with AC Monza where I played for a season. I was selected with the Italian national team u17 where I played a friendly match.

At the end of the season I went to BENEVENTO (U19) where I spent a season then returned to MONZA. The president wanted me to sign a pro contract so that I could play with the youngsters, but I didn’t accept. I went to Dakar during the holidays. Then, we reached an agreement with the club KF Bylis Albania.

What motivated your change of club if you received a new offer?

I changed clubs because I wanted to show my talent with a pro selection and of course have more playing time.

How was your debut with your new club?

I started here in January 2022, the team was in D2. I played 14 games and scored 17 goals. The team moved up to the first division. The good performances attracted the scouts. I received a lot of offers from clubs in Europe but at the moment I prefer to stay here.

What is your goal this season?

My objective this season is to score a lot of goals to catch the eye of the big European clubs.

You say you played with Italy in the small category. What about Senegal? Have you ever been approached by the FSF or a Senegalese coach?

Yes I am in contact with the Italian federation because they want to summon me with the u21s. It follows my performances as I said earlier, I have already played in U17. With the Senegalese federation, I have no contact. But, my wish remains to play with Senegal. I bide my time!

How do you find the results of Senegal?

Performance is good. We have a good team and good players, we are achieving good results on the continental and world level. This is a good margin of progress.

How did you experience the evening of February 6?

It was a beautiful evening. I couldn’t finish the game because I had to catch a flight to sign my contract. I learned the result later and you had to see me jubilant at the airport. I celebrated like any patriot.

Have you ever met a star who marked you and had an impact on the rest of your career?

I’ve seen a lot of stars in my life, because I was born into football. At sports gala dinners in Milan, it was the parade and my father often took me. I was happy like any kid who meets these big names in football.

Your father, a must in your career?

Probably yes. His name is Sidy Fall and he is an agent. He collaborated with many players. At first he wasn’t keen on the idea of ​​me playing football. He insisted more on studies. But I was that boy who had so much passion for football that I put a ball in my backpack to go to school.

What is the European club where you dream of playing?

Manchester United, without hesitation. There are always great players at this club, currently Cristiano Ronaldo. And often, they are not African players. I am a top striker, anything is possible.

Who inspires you, do you have an idol?

Honestly, I don’t have an idol. I want to write my own story. I cannot describe, I am unique.

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