IBM leases its System i servers on site

on 08/09/2022, by Andy Patrizio, IDG NS (adapted by Jean Elyan), Infrastructure434 words

To meet business demand, IBM offers a flat-rate subscription for its System i servers based on Aix.

After HPE and Dell, IBM is launching into the consumption/rental of servers by offering a low-cost subscription for its System i based on Power 10 processors associated with its OS Aix (Unix). For $50 per user per month, IBM installs a low-profile quad-core System i server onsite on its POWER S1014 server. The base license can be extended in increments of five. The rental contracts are for a period of three to five years, and big blue provides maintenance of the equipment remotely or on site. The specifications are quite modest, but the offer is aimed at SMEs. The server will ship with 64GB of memory, up to 6.4TB of NVMe flash storage, and Ethernet and Fiber Channel connectivity. However, it could come with a quad-core processor, but only one core will be active.

You might think that in 2022, no one uses a single-core server anymore. But Dylan Boday, IBM’s vice president of product management for hybrid cloud, systems and AI, says 76% of System i customers use a single core, and less than 10% have two active cores. Mr. Boday also points out that these users are running on these servers a lot of third-party applications to perform a variety of different tasks, ranging from inventory to operations, including banking applications. The uses are very varied,” said Mr. Boday.

Encourage SMEs to reconsider Unix

The subscription includes all hardware, software and services, with the possibility of a one-year renewal at the end of the subscription. Remote and on-site support is available in just 30 minutes, Boday added. The pack is delivered after registration, and the first single annual payment occurs on the anniversary date, he said. The offering is flat-rate regardless of user usage, unlike HPE GreenLake and Dell Apex, where the customer is billed based on usage. The modality of the offer is very suitable for SMEs, especially when you think of the small budgets with which these companies have to juggle, said Mr. Boday. “Intensive use over a quarter or month could have a very negative impact on customers’ cash flow, and they should appreciate this more consistent method of payment,” said Dylan Boday. Finally, it should be noted that customers who prefer it can still buy the equipment.

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