ideal for surfing without being too talkative

Yes, packages with a nice envelope of mobile internet without unlimited calls, it exists! If, in fact, you feel that you do not need unlimited communications while having gigabytes of mobile internet, the 2h 20 Go package from Orange may be for you. We tell you everything about this unique subscription.

2 hours of calls, more than enough for many consumers

Telephone usage has changed over the years. And this is also the case for mobile calls. Indeed, today, many telephone calls are made via messaging apps such as WhatsApp or Messenger. It is therefore no longer mandatory to have unlimited calls in your plan to be able to make calls. And that, Orange has fully understood, since it offers among its range of mobile subscriptions a 2h 20 GB package, which includes, as its name suggests, only two hours of monthly calls but an envelope of comfortable 20 gigabyte mobile internet.

This Orange package is therefore perfect for connected people, who do not need unlimited calls to communicate with family or friends.

For €15.99/month the first year then €18.99/month, we find in this subscription:

  • 20 GB in 4G+,

  • 2 hours of calls,

  • Unlimited SMS/MMS,

  • Calls from: DOM, European Union + 16 destinations,

  • Internet 20 GB from: DOM, European Union + 16 destinations.

You can take out this Orange subscription if…

Here are the three good reasons that could convince you to subscribe to this mobile subscription without commitment :

  • You are looking for a customer service at your service and that you prefer to have a store to go to if you have a problem. Orange is indeed renowned for having an efficient customer service and an optimal quality of service.
  • You wish use the best mobile network in France. According to Arcep’s 2022 mobile service quality observatory, Orange has the best mobile network. Once more.
  • You prefer a subscription without obligation. From now on, Orange offers all its subscriptions in a no-commitment formula. Only packages with smartphone are subject to a commitment period. You are therefore free to change plans whenever you wish.
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