If a piece of the Chinese rocket fell in your home, could you keep it?

If a piece of the Chinese rocket fell in your home, could you keep it?

A Long March 5B rocket, sent into space by China, is about to make an uncontrolled return to Earth. 5 to 9 tons of material from this launcher should reach the ground. If one of these debris fell in your home, would you have the right to keep it?

On the night of November 4 to 5, 2022, huge debris from a 22-ton Chinese rocket is expected to fall back to Earth uncontrollably. It is a Long March 5B launcher, which was used to transport the last module of the Chinese space station under construction, Tiangong, into space. The body of the rocket is still in space today, without any possibility of controlling its fallout on our planet.

Components expected to survive uncontrolled rocket reentry

A similar problem arose last July, whena previous launch of a Long March 5B containing the secondary module of the space station. This space vehicle had fallen without its trajectory being able to be decided. This is what should still happen with the machine which took off from the earth’s surface on October 31st.

During this type of event, the entire mass of the rocket does not necessarily reach the ground, according to Aerospace Corporation, an American aerospace company that operates an FFRDC (a research organization funded by the US federal government). Here the object is estimated at

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