IFA 2022 – Now Ring is applying the “always home” mantra to apartment intercoms

The Ring Intercom is a rechargeable battery-powered Wi-Fi add-on for audio intercom systems. Many of us don’t live in homes where we have complete control over our own front door – apartment buildings, for example.
Ring previously introduced its Door View Cam for doors with, well, peepholes, but that didn’t solve the fundamental problem for many apartment dwellers; the point is that the front door can be far, far away.
Now, however, at IFA 2022, the company showcased the Ring Intercom. It’s a rechargeable battery-powered Wi-Fi add-on for the normal type of audio intercom systems, allowing you to add it to the Ring app and provide remote unlocking if desired – for delivery people or other people coming to your property.

Ring Intercom has innovative features:
• Remote unlocking allows users to unlock their building door whether they are at home or on the go.
• Two-way talk allows users to speak with visitors ringing their intercom wherever they are, from their smartphone or tablet.
• Shared use allows users to share access to Ring Intercom with other members of their household. They will thus be able, using their own smartphone, to enter the building, interact with visitors and open the building door for them remotely via the Ring application.
• Auto-Verification is an optional feature that allows users to temporarily provide keyless access to trusted visitors and service providers. They will thus be able to enter the building without having to ring the bell. Initially, automatic verification will be available for Amazon deliveries and later the option will be added to provide virtual keys to repeat visitors or other trusted groups, from the Ring app.
• The device uses the existing intercom audio system to enable encrypted two-way conversation. Therefore, this feature can only be used when visitors are ringing Ring Intercom owners. Plus, the Ring app makes it easy to customize privacy and security settings, with the ability to manage shared users, or enable and revoke a visitor’s access at any time.

“We are constantly inventing based on customer feedback and one of the most common requests I get from customers in Europe is for simple and affordable security options for apartments,” said Jamie Siminoff, Founder and Inventor at leader of Ring. “Ring Intercom is the natural next step in Ring’s mission to make neighborhoods safer, for everyone, regardless of home type.”

It will be available in France in early 2023, but across the Channel from September 28 for €120 – you can also get it bundled with a spare battery and charger for an additional €30.

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