IMS becomes the point of contact for B Corp in Luxembourg

IMS becomes the point of contact for B Corp in Luxembourg

IMS – Inspiring more sustainability has become in October 2022 the single point of contact for certified and future B Corp companies in Luxembourg. The announcement was made during the Luxembourg sustainability forum 2022 (LSF), as part of the KlimaExpo which was held from October 6 to 8.

Thus, IMS will now bring together members of the B Corp community active in the country. Its role will also be to help organizations wishing to join the movement, by introducing them to a movement that can inspire them for their CSR actions and by providing them with information on the steps to become a certified company. “It’s a real plus to be able to bring this model and to be able to try to strengthen it at the Luxembourg level to provide transformation solutions”, rejoices the director of IMS Luxembourg, Nancy Thomas.

Launched in 2006 by B Lab with the aim of promoting the values ​​of change in the business world on an international scale, “B Corp certification is booming internationally and also in Luxembourg”, assures IMS Luxembourg. The movement is active in 85 countries and with 158 industries, and 5,800 companies are now B Corp certified worldwide.

“A driving force for the benefit of all”

The values ​​of the movement are summed up “in the idea of ​​making the company a driving force for the benefit of all”. It is based on five impact areas to be integrated into business models and operations: governance, employees, communities, environment and customers. “This notion of movement which is linked to B Corp is very important for us, it is a principle of continuous improvement”, explains Nancy Thomas.

“By being a B Corp, a company sends the message that it intends to make a positive contribution to society,” explains IMS Luxembourg. “The goal is not to be the best in the world, but the best for the world. This approach also aims to positively influence the entire ecosystem of a company through suppliers, customers and other partners.”