IN IMAGES, IN PICTURES. Selected photos from our Ouest-France correspondents

Our 150 local correspondents from Ouest-France du Morbihan criss-crossed your municipalities in October 2022 to report on the news and tell great stories. These women and men, retirees, students, private or public sector employees are the eyes and ears of our newsrooms.auray, Lorient, Ploermel, Pontivy and Valves. To illustrate their mission, Morbihan’s editorial staff selected some of their photos and asked their authors how they staged their articles.

Émilie Affinito, Erdeven (Auray edition)

“I took this photo (above) to announce the return of the witches to the menhirs, to Erdeven. The article was titled The witches come out on Samhain night, published on October 18, 2022. The members of the Event Yours association are used to putting a touch of humor to announce their appointments and provoke the envy of readers. They all understood the value of the photo in communication. The opportunities abound. For the first bath of the year, they take out the Christmas hats. At Easter, it’s the turn of the rabbit costume. For Halloween, it’s more varied.

This year, the works of the village forced them to think about a more attractive staging. So when they asked me to join them among the menhirs, it was obvious: great sun, good humor, ideal setting. They had of course planned the costumes and the accessories. It was enough to get a funny and attractive photo, like this association. »

Linda de La Rochefordière, Plœmeur (Lorient edition)

This photo came to illustrate the article entitled Squashes, queens of the party in the Cosquéric vegetable gardenat plodderpublished on October 25, 2022. It features Clothilde, Karine and Anne-Solen, members of a collective of market gardeners and local artisans who organize, each season, an outdoor party that is not lacking in humor.

Through the One season, one vegetable, one party concept, they defend the seasonality of products, the short circuit and the pleasure of spending time on the farm. In October, they chose to put squash in the spotlight by organizing the Les courges en folie party on October 29th.

Clothilde, Karine and Anne-Solen pose to announce the pumpkin festival which takes place on Saturday October 29, 2022, in the Cosquéric vegetable garden, in Plœmeur. Photo: Linda de La Rochefordière. | WEST FRANCE

The photo was taken in the Cosquéric vegetable garden, with a beautiful array of freshly picked squash. We voluntarily chose to stage the photo in front of the meadow of the horses which offered a beautiful perspective on the countryside. The colors, blue of the sky, green of the grass and orange of the gourds gave a beautiful contrast and each of them had thought of putting on an item of clothing in the colors of autumn.

When I pressed the shutter, Clothilde, Karine and Anne-Solen laughed thinking about the election of Miss squash that was going to close the party. I was satisfied with this photo because it perfectly reflects the spirit of the parties they organize: simplicity, conviviality and humour. »

Norbert Kergal, Peillac (Ploërmel edition)

“Monday October 17, I had an appointment with the Saute-Ruisseaux association which, for several years in peillac, develops nature activities, especially for children. The article was linked to the hiring of the third employee of the Sarah Roelandt association, and thereby to the significant deployment of the activity. The article was titled With the Saute-Ruisseaux association, children learn to get to know nature betterpublished on October 22, 2022.

Sophie Pontgelard, founder of Saute-Ruisseaux (on the left), presented with Sarah Roelandt, brand new employee, the program and the projects of the association, in Peillac. Photo: Norbert Kergal. | WEST FRANCE

The meeting took place at the office of the association with Sophie Pontgelard, responsible animator, and Sara, new animator. For the photo, I had no preconceived idea but I knew that these two people had to appear in the office or in a green space. Throughout the interview, this idea never left me.

On the shelves of the office, doing maintenance, I saw IGN maps, compass, landing nets and magnifying glass. The idea then came to me to stage the two animators in their garden with all these accessories. They played the photo game and found the pose themselves. »

Pauline Rolland, Sainte-Brigitte (Ploërmel edition)

“I already knew Thomas Poulard and his fairly rare profession. Through this photo, I wanted to highlight the knife grinder activity, in Sainte-Brigitte. The article was titled We followed Thomas Poulard, itinerant knife grinder, during a working daypublished on October 10, 2022.

Thomas Poulard, knife sharpener, in the middle of sharpening a blade, in his itinerant workshop, in Sainte-Brigitte. Photo: Pauline Rolland. | WEST FRANCE

My goal was to make this profession and the extraordinary daily life of the traveling craftsman better known. Thomas never wakes up in the same town because he is present in seven different markets a week. Thomas posed in his workshop-caravan in the middle of his machines. He showed me how he brings old tools back to life and how he makes knives from salvaged blades. The first anniversary of his company was the perfect opportunity to talk about his profession of passion. »

Olivier Michelet, Sarzeau (Vannes edition)

“Every year, Sylvie Satorie, who runs the Betty underwear shop at the port of Crouesty, in Arzonparticipates in Pink October by organizing, among other things, collections of bras which are then redistributed to charities.

This year, to raise funds, it organized two festive evenings with the bar Le Marcellin located on the port. The article, published on October 19, was titled Two evenings for Pink October for the benefit of the association Jeune et rose this weekend. She calls me to introduce me to the operation. The head of Marcellin and a press officer are waiting for me, the shop is overrun with displays and mannequins.

Lucie, Marguerite and Sylvie discover the bras donated by customers of Dessous de Betty, in Arzon, for the benefit of the association Jeune et rose. Photo: Olivier Michelet. | WEST FRANCE

During the interview, I discover a pile of bras in a crate. I ask them: And what is all this? She replies that these are the ones already harvested. There are about fifty. In the middle, I discover a photogenic nugget: a large white terrycloth bra with Petit Chat written on it.

I offer them to push everything and take the picture with Petit Chat and two others. Everyone bursts out laughing, Brice Bonnot, the director of Marcellin, joins the team to choose the other two. The space is small, no step back, at first they take an academic pose, then they relax, they laugh. The fifteenth photo is the correct one. »

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