In the midst of turmoil, Westbrook’s message that makes the Lakers rage!

The weeks pass, exchanges follow one another in the NBA, and Russell Westbrook is still a Lakers player, which is starting to annoy some fans. The leader does not care, the proof, he has just sent them a new message on social networks.

For the first time since leaving Oklahoma City, Russell Westbrook may be about to play a second consecutive season with the same team. In this month of September in any case, he is still under contract with the Lakers, whose owner moreover been giving a huge compliment lately. Despite this, rumors continue to flourish around his case.

For example, after the total implosion in Utah, the Purple and Gold supporters dream of seeing him go to the Jazz against Mike Conley, a much better experienced point guard in tempo management and outside address… But no matter what who tells about him, Russ is enjoying his summer to the fullest, and he just sent a new message in song to the fans.

Russell Westbrook feels close to NBA heights!

I’m still on my way, but the summit doesn’t seem so far away.

On his boat, Russell Westbrook was categorical when he took up the song by the artist Blxst, he still thinks he can go a long way in the NBA, and he feels that the heights have not been reached. He’s a former MVP, a multiple All-Star, the record holder for triple-doubles, and yet he wants more. An opinion that Lakers fans obviously do not share.

Russ my man, seriously. He keeps saying he won the game of life because he has money. Everyone is working to improve themselves, so why don’t you want to prove everyone wrong?

I hope you will learn your trade by mail.

Russell Westbrook continues to live his best life this summer as Lakers fans continue to wait for the day he gets traded. It’s not necessarily fair for such a great champion, it’s up to him to turn the opinion in his favor on the ground, in Los Angeles, Utah, or elsewhere.

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