Inflate your storage without emptying your wallet with this internal SSD for less than 100 euros

If your laptop has a simple hard drive, it may have become slow over time. This can be explained by the wear and tear of the storage medium. The solution to remedy this situation is to replace the hard drive with an SSD. Right now, Cdiscount offers the PNY CS900 model at only 94.97 euros, which is a good price for this SSD with a capacity of 960 GB. Its size of 2.5 inches allows it to be installed in any laptop with great ease. Cdiscount delivers your order to your home for free, so that you can take advantage of it without delay.

Thanks to its SATA – ATA connector, the PNY CS900 SSD is compatible with all computers available on the market, including desktop models. However, depending on your tower, you may need an adapter for a 3.5 inch space. In any case, once the SSD is installed, you can enjoy a very fast transfer speed, of the order of 535 MB/s in reading and 515 MB/s in writing. This ensures very reduced loading times when starting your computer, but also when opening software or playing video games. The PNY CS900 SSD is also very useful for professionals who need to load very large files quickly. Finally, this storage medium is also very robust, which is an advantage if you use a laptop that you carry around a lot: your data is safe there!

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