Inflation: France below the average annual rate in the euro zone

According to the indicators of thestatistical office of the european union Eurostatpublished on September 30, euro area annual inflation rate is estimated at 10% in September 2022, compared to 9.1% in August. Looking at the main components of euro area inflation, energy is expected to experience the highest annual rate in September (40.8%, compared to 38.6% in August), followed by food, alcohol & tobacco (11.8%, compared to 10.6% in August), industrial goods excluding energy (5.6%, compared to 5.1% in August) and services (4.3%, compared to 3.8% in August).

France, best student in inflation management

Estimates of inflation in the euro area published by Eurostat are based on the development of data on the harmonized consumer price indices (HICP), for the euro area as a whole and for each Member State, either between the reference month and the same month of the previous year (annual inflation), or between the reference month and the previous month (monthly inflation) .

Thus, in September 2022, France is the Member State with the lowest annual inflation rate in the euro zone (6.2%). It is followed by Malta (7.3%), Finland (8.4%), Ireland (8.6%) and Luxembourg (8.8%). Germany is above the euro zone average, with an annual inflation rate of 10.9% in September 2022, as are Belgium (12%) and Greece (12.1%) .

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