Insects and starry sky in the castle park

Chavaniac-Lafayette. Insects and starry sky. An “insects and starry sky” vigil. These are two seemingly distant themes, which turned out to be much more closely linked than one might think. This is what the 17 participants in this nature evening were able to discover, organized by the Conservatoire d’Espaces Naturels d’Auvergne in Chavaniac-Lafayette, as part of the educational program “Let’s talk about pollinators”, led by Solenne Muller, naturalist guide. , alias Mrs. Grenouille, and two astronomer speakers.

In the park of the castle, the old oak welcomed young and old to discover nocturnal pollinators, moths in the front line, then to immerse themselves in the starry vault to determine the quality of the sky.

While the parents discussed astronomy or entomology, an ephemeral work in natural materials was created in the park with the children, representing a huge moth.

Back under the oak, twilight was settling under the flight of the first bats. A tale plunged the public into the universe of the night. Jeanne De Clerico and Matéo, from the Orion astronomy club, offered their scientific view: life and death of stars, birth of the moon, constellations, galaxies…

These activities revealed the link between light pollution and impact on biodiversity. In Haute-Loire, the night sky is still very deep and well preserved. An asset to be protected… Everyone left convinced, stars in their eyes!

“Artistically pollinating”. Next activity Sunday, September 11 at 10 a.m. in the Chavaniac-Lafayette sector (location communicated at registration). An artistic realization on pollinating insects is possible with the artist Arnaud Descheemacker (15 people on registration from 10 years old). Information and registration:, tel.


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