Instagram lets you create your own 2022 Reel Recap

Instagram lets you create your own 2022 Reel Recap

Instagram is launching into the Reel Recap 2022. Pick a few photos and Instagram takes care of everything.

Who says end of the year, says balance sheet. Today we find all sorts of them on the social networks, and has been for several weeks now. Some popular services and apps are just getting started, others have had such features for a long time. Today it’s instagram which is entering this segment by offering its users easily and quickly create a Reel Recap 2022.

Instagram launches Reel Recap 2022

Instagram has continued, throughout this year, to highlight his Reels. This resulted in a number of dedicated new features. Today, users can create a 2022 Recap with just a few taps on the screen. You will be able to create up to 14 of your favorite photos of the year and Instagram will automatically arrange them together in a Reel with dedicated templates like those of Bad Bunny (one of the biggest stars of the moment), Priah Ferguson or DJ Khaled again.

Choose a few photos and Instagram takes care of everything

Last year, the recap feature ofinstagram was called Playback. Users could choose up to 10 Stories from the past year and subscribers could browse through these Stories. With this feature, users no longer necessarily needed to go through a third-party app to share their memories of the previous 12 months.

Reels are a hugely growing segment for Meta over the past year. The American giant thus explains that, on Instagram and Facebook combined, more than 140 billion Reels are read every day. Meta has been promoting its response to TikTok on both of its apps over the past few months by adding various things, like tools to make Reels easier to create, a native Reels post scheduling tool, and ways to post to Reels from third-party apps.