Instagram will now notify you when your posts are not appearing in your followers’ feed

Instagram will now notify you when your posts are not appearing in your followers’ feed

9:10 p.m. by AL

This is good news for all content creators. In a blog post published on December 7, instagram announced the arrival of a transparency tool allowing to warn its users when their publications are hidden by the algorithm of the social network. Thanks to this new feature, professional accounts will be able to know if their publication is recommended by the application, and therefore, if it is eligible to be shown to non-subscribers.

The end of the shadowban?

The era of “shadow ban”, or the fact that Instagram unilaterally limits the audience of an account without notifying its owner, seems soon to be over. Although the platform has never confirmed the existence of this phenomenon, many influencers and users have denounced this often arbitrary practice.

This is partly why the social network has therefore taken new measures. Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, shows us the procedure to follow, in video. To find out if some of your publications are hidden from your followers, you have to go to your profile, then to the settings. Click on “Account” and “Account Status”. If everything is in order, the following message will appear: “You haven’t posted anything that affects your account status”. On the other hand, if one of your posts is problematic, Instagram will alert you so that you can modify the content in question or appeal the decision.

We know that for many creators, having Instagram recommend your content is a great way to reach new members and grow your following. That’s why it’s important to us that everyone understands our rules and is able to know if anything is limiting the audience of their content for non-followers.“, said the boss of the social network. “If you’ve posted material that violates our recommendation guidelines, your content will not be recommended”he added.