Intel will launch a Raptor Lake processor with a frequency of 6 GHz

Probably the Core i9-13900KS.

On the occasion of a presentation in Israel as part of the Technology Tour 2022, the IDC (Israel Development Center) from Intel has released new information about its Raptor Lake series. The company released a slide talking about a chip capable of operating at a frequency of 6 GHz with its default settings. The image also mentions an 8 GHz overclocking record (with liquid nitrogen cooling).

Credit: Intel / Andreas Schilling

Regarding the 6 GHz frequency, an official presentation slide of the Raptor Lake range recently shared by Igor Wallossek provides 5.8 GHz for the flagship of the range, the Core i9-13900K. A frequency of 6 GHz logically suggests an upcoming Core i9-13900KS, as was the case for the Alder Lake series, with the Core i9-12900KS : a slightly faster special edition Core i9-12900K, launched in March 2022.

Presentation on September 27

Intel also claims that Raptor Lake offers a 15% gain in single-core performance and a 41% gain in multi-core, compared to Alder Lake, in SPECintrate_2017.

On the other hand, the company reported that the development cycle of the Raptor Lake line (13th generation of Core) has been shortened by eight months thanks to backward compatibility with the twelfth generation.

Intel should introduce the first Raptor Lake-S processors (probably the six below) on September 27, the day on which the Ryzen 7000.

Processor Cores / Threads Core frequency (P-cores) Boost Frequency (P-cores)
Core i9-13900K 24C/32T 3GHz 5.8GHz
Core i9-13900KF 24C/32T 3GHz 5.8GHz
Core i7-13700K 16C/24T 3.4GHz 5.4GHz
Core i7-13700KF 16C/24T 3.4GHz 5.4GHz
Core i5-13600K 14C/20T 3.5GHz 5.1GHz
Core i5-13600KF 14C/20T 3.5GHz 5.1GHz

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