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Absent from the National Team since 2021, Arial Mendy has the ambition of returning to the selection. In this interview with wiwsport, the Senegalese defender from Clermont (27), who firmly believes in the crowning of the Lions at the next world championship, Qatar 2022, appeals to the coach of the national team, Aliou Cissé.

How do you judge your start to the season with Clermont Foot?

It’s going very well, we’ve prepared well for the season. We worked well overall during the pre-season training camp. I prepared myself well physically to start the season. And with Clermont things are going well, I hope to do my best to achieve my goals with the club.

How have you been feeling physically since the start of the season?

I feel good physically. As I have just told you, I wanted to succeed in my physical preparation. It was not easy and I feel good and always ready to help my team and give my all for my club. On this point, I am satisfied.

What are Arial Mendy’s goals this season with Clermont?

My goal, I can still try to keep Clermont in Ligue 1 Conforama. I want to have a very good season, to be one of the players who will defend the colors of my country and I am ready to do so. Then my objective is to give my all to become an essential element for my club. It is very important for me.

Absent from the den since 2021, are you still in contact with Cissé?

Coach Aliou Cissé, he knows me and it’s not today it’s since I was at Diambars. He knows my qualities, he knows what I can bring back to the team after everything in its time. I am ready to defend the colors of my nation. In addition, I have a good relationship with coach Aliou Cissé, he is a big brother for us.

Thinking of making your way back to the den?

Of course I would like to return to the den and I will do and I will do on my side what it takes to return to the team. And why not my dream which is to defend the colors of Senegal at the next Qatar 2022 World Cup. It would be extraordinary to play for Senegal in a World Cup. It’s my dream and I also hope it’s the dream of all footballers.

How do you view this Senegalese selection and your main competitors?

We have everything we need thank God and we know that a World Cup is not a championship. There will be great nations who will want to win it, but why not us, Senegal? We have good players, we have a great team and we have a staff that does its job and I hope we will be the first African nation you have sent to win a World Cup. This selection therefore has a good workforce with players always ready to defend the colors of the nation with dignity.

What do you think of Senegal’s next opponents?

These are good teams who want to qualify for the round of 16 of the 2022 World Cup. But for me, the pool is favorable, we have players to get out of this pool to qualify for the round of 16. Nothing will be easy in the competition anyway but everything will depend on the will. We have the players we need and the staff too to go far in this competition.

What should Senegal’s goal be at the next World Cup?

We must give our all and give everything for the country. The objective of Senegal in this competition is to defend the colors of the nation well as we did so well during the last AFCON. All the people were happy. And as I said, why not win the World Cup and become the first African team to win a World Cup. We have good players capable of still making the people dream. (Interview AN)

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