iOS 16.1: How the iPhone knows when to charge with clean energy

With iOS 16.1 Apple introduces a new function called “Clean Energy Charging”. This smart charging method allows iPhone to make the most of clean energy.

iPhone 14 Pro Max // Source: Anthony Wonner – Frandroid

Some iOS features have an unfortunate propensity to go unnoticed, and the one we’re looking at today could easily be one of them. However, that would be a shame. With the deployment of iOS 16.1Apple introduces “ Clean Energy Charging », a function that tends to feed our iPhone with clean energy… or at least cleaner. How ? Well using in particular geolocation.

As summarized XDA Developers, this function combines optimized battery charging (which we already knew, in particular to avoid straining the battery during a long night charge) with geolocation to allow the iPhone to consult weather forecasts. carbon emissions linked to the local electricity grid. Based on this factor and learning from your charging habits, the device will then be able to top up when charging has the least impact on the environment. Smart.

Sometimes the best features are the ones you don’t see

This feature, which should normally be invisible to the majority of users, is also designed to only trigger when you charge your iPhone from a usual charging location (your home, the office or another place you frequent often). ). A welcome subtlety to prevent recharging from being temporarily blocked at the worst time, during a trip for example. Note also that it is quite possible to deactivate this new function if you wish. To do this, simply go to the settings, under the battery tab, then to “Battery status and charging“.

In reality, the only drawback of this feature is that it is not yet available in France. Only US users can currently enjoy it. Apple has not yet indicated whether this recharge “to clean energywould one day arrive in other territories. Given the global context, the environmental and energy crisis, however, it would be surprising if Apple deprived a large part of its users of a truly relevant functionality.

As a reminder, the functionalityClean Energy Chargingwas announced by Apple at WWDC in June, during the presentation of iOS 16. It nevertheless materialized late this week, through iOS 16.1 (and not iOS 16), to alongside other latecomers including iCloud Shared Library, theLive Activitiesor the Apple Fitness Plus offer.

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